Good & Bad News and Sad News?

Hello everyone,   Date 6/9/2015

Today I will tell you what I did on the long weekends in a Good & Bad news form.

Good News:

Saturday: Viviana and I went to my friends house because his it was his brothers 21st birthday (I had to go because no one was at home to take care of us.) It was planed to go to my cousins house and play but my cousin also went to my friends house any way and I got to have a sleep over at my cousins house.

Sunday: I played at my cousins house (because Viviana and I was at his house.) Viviana played Pokémon on our 3DS. My cousin also played Pokémon on his 3DSxl (xl stands for Extra Large.) and I played on my IPad. We Started playing at 7:00-10:00. We stopped playing because we had to go church (we walked there.)Then we went back home and went to sleep(I was happy to be at home again.)

Monday: We did the usual and drank milk and ant breakfast. the only difference is we had to do our homework or we can’t go to our cousins house again. So we did our homework and went to our cousins house. This time it was not playing all day on electronics, this time we went to three parks (2 were small and 1 was big.)


Bad News:

Saturday: We didn’t have clothes to bring on the sleepover and my Mum broke her leg when she fell down off the ladder, two bones broke when she fell off, her surgery finished at midnight and she has to metal rods in her leg(so her bones can heal easier.)

Sunday: Can’t remember anything, if I do I will type it in.

Monday: Got yelled at because we were watching YU GI OH on the T.V so we got yelled at. My older brother named Timmy called (on the phone) my older sister Jacinta. she wanted to talk to us so Timmy gave the phone to Viviana and I. ” … When I come home on my break I am going to check how much you have done,” Jacinta said, ” You can go to your cousins house and play on the IPad and 3DS but you are not aloud to play it for the rest of the week.”…

I am doing Tuesday because it happened this morning.

Sad News:

Tuesday: This morning when I went to take the chickens out they were all ready outside. one chicken was just laying there on the ground. It was dead. Another was missing.