Hello anyone who reads this, I’m having lots of fun. I played with my cousins, Patrick and Viviana. I arrived/left here on Monday, we Stopped in Singapore left there and arrived in Ho Minh Chi City. I am staying at my grandma’s house (mum’s side) for a some time then staying at me uncle’s shop/house. Mum is Ok. I will do another post on Sunday.

Bye for now, Theresa

Our Project

This term my school are doing it differently. We got the year 3-6’s in the topic they like and got to be in that. the topics this term are The solar system, animal adaptations, the food chain and natural disasters.
The topic I chose is animal adaptations. In that we got to chose our own animal we want to do. I chose the Tasmanian Devil. They are very rare now because of a disease, they are endangered so we should help them before they become extinct.

Tasmanian devils

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

These two weeks we have try and help someone with out getting asked to and I am not going well. I am used to getting told to do this or do that by my older sister or older brother. I’ve done a few two my mum or dad. Please watch this video. Thanks.

Hope you enjoyed, Theresa. 🙂