About Furret – Pokémon

Each week I am going to do a post about 1 Pokémon today I am going to do Furret.

This is Furret.  Furret normal sprite

Furret is a Long body Pokémon.
Each Pokémon has 1 or 2 main ability/ies and a hidden ability, each Pokémon has a hidden ability is a ability that is ultra rare to get.
Furret has 2 main ability a hidden ability.

One of the abilities is called Keen Eye prevents the Pokémon from losing accuracy, for example from moves like Sand-Attack.

If a Pokémon with Keen Eye is the leading party Pokémon, wild Pokémon are 50% less likely to be lower level.

Another ability is Run Away allows the bearer to flee a battle with a wild Pokémon without fail, even if the opposing Pokémon has used a move like Mean Look or Bind, or has an ability such as Arena Trap.

Pokémon with Run Away cannot switch out for another Pokémon, only flee. It does not allow the Pokémon to flee from Trainer battles.

 The hidden ability is called Frisk The Pokémon can check a foe’s held item..

In the PokéDex it is said that Furret There is no telling where the tail begins. Despite its short legs, it is quick at hunting Rattata. Others say A FURRET has a very slim build. When under attack, it can squirm through narrow spaces and get away. In spite of its short limbs, it is very nimble and fleet,The Mother puts its offspring to sleep by curling up around them. It corners foes with speed.

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