My goal for this week.

Date: 11/5/2015

This week goal is to do a box everyday for homework. Last week I had to do it on Thursday. I think I would do great this time.

Bye for now Theresa. ūüôĀ ūüėź :I ūüôā :O

(P.S It’s very small. I hope I do a long one next time.)


How to evolve Pokémon (if you play it).

Date: 5/5/2015

In the world of Pokémon there is evolution. There are different ways to evolve Pokémon:

  • Leveling up your Pok√©mon.(By battling Pok√©mon in¬†the grass or Pok√©mon trainers¬†that want to battle you)
  • Happiness (Training)
  • Affection( Playing with your¬†Pok√©mon)

Here is¬†a Pok√©mon you might like…

The one in the middle is Eevee. It is the evolution Pokémon. This Eeveelution (get it, I used Eevee)


The one on the top of Eevee is Flareon. To evolve Eevee into a Flareon is by giving it a fire stone.


Learning goal comment.

In 5/6 S we’ve been thinking about our goal for the week, This is to improve something that you need. My goal is to get my work done on time. Our class¬†started last week. Last week¬†my goal was to finis my homework so¬†I can bring¬†it to the teacher on time. At the end of the¬†week¬†we tell the teacher how well it went. You can also do the same goal from last¬†week. What would your goal be¬†this week (do this everyday to improve)?

Bye for now, Theresa.


Pokémon Mega\Primal Evolution

Pokémon can Mega Evolve. It makes them even powerful then they are now. (It only happens in battle.)


Charizard (Mega Charizard X) artwork by Ken SugimoriMega Charazard X

Charizard (Mega Charizard Y) artwork by Ken SugimoriMega Charazard Y


Blastoise (Mega Blastoise) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Venusaur (Mega Venusaur) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Pidgeot (Mega Pidgeot) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Alakazam (Mega Alakazam) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Gengar (Mega Gengar) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Kangaskhan (Mega Kangaskhan) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Pinsir (Mega Pinsir) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Gyarados (Mega Gyarados) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Aerodactyl (Mega Aerodactyl) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Mewtwo (Mega Mewtwo X) artwork by Ken SugimoriMega Mewtwo X

Mewtwo (Mega Mewtwo Y) artwork by Ken SugimoriMega Mewtwo Y


Ampharos (Mega Ampharos) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Steelix (Mega Steelix) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Tyranitar (Mega Tyranitar) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Heracross (Mega Heracross) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Houndoom (Mega Houndoom) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Blaziken (Mega Blaziken) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Swampert (Mega Swampert) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Sceptile (Mega Sceptile) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Gardevoir (Mega Gardevoir) artwork by Ken Sugimori


Gallade (Mega Gallade) artwork by Ken Sugimori

There are more Mega Pokémon then this.

What is your Favourite Mega Evolution?

Anzac Comment

Date 4/27/2015

Last Friday we had an ANZAC Day Ceremony in our church. It was the greatest thing that I’ve seen. all the Parish People came and made a big¬†memorial out of the things that they got from their great great grandfather or their great¬†grandfather. Students also brought in things.¬†Some¬†students brought hats. Other students bought medals. Mrs Lafave bought in a vase which was made out of a bomb shell, She also bought a mirror which had all¬†of the dates when her great¬†great grandfather (I think) went to war.

I would have felt sad if any of my relatives died in war.


Gum leaves(left side) represent Australia. Fern (far right) represent New Zealand.



Master Pokédex

My brother downloaded a very old paint thing that I used when I was 5 years old. Everyday I go on my (and Vivi’s)¬†computer and get parts of Pok√©mon¬†(wings, horns and etc.) Here is¬†the website I go to This website will tell you about the Pok√©mon’s stats, abilities, what it’s name means (eg. Articuno arctic relating to the (cold) regions around the North Pole uno Spanish for one) and what it looks like in Black/White and Heart Gold/Soul Silver (HG/SS) normal and shiny.

What is your favourite shiny Pokémon?

Bye, From Theresa ūüôā ūüėČ ūüėģ ūüėģ ūüôĀ


My Pokémon Knowledge!!

Questions about Pokémon:

Q. When did you start watching Pokémon?

A. I started Pokémon when I was 1 years old.

Q. Do you have a favourite Pokémon, Why?

A. Yes, it is Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil is so cute even if it burns you its a wonderful creature in the land of Pokémon.

Q. What is your favourite Pokémon game(s) that you had played.

A. The favourite Pok√©mon game(s) I’ve played are Pok√©mon Ranger and Pok√©mon Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

Send me questions and I will answer them. It’s your turn. You can answer these questions or make your own Pok√©mon Q And A for your-self.

Bye for now Theresa. ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā

What I will do on the Weekends

Date: 18/3/2015

Yesterday I got a call from my cousin. He told me that my¬†twin sister, little brother and me are going to their house on Saturday. I was so excited that I will be playing Minecraft on Xbox and IPad with my cousins. Until I got told that my cousin only did that so he doesn’t go to Tudor & Vietnamese school >:) . On Sunday¬†I will be going to church. After mass I do things that are Religious. I go to Vietnamese school from 1:40-4:30. I¬† play games when I go home. ūüėģ

Bye For now, Theresa. <^__^>

About ME!

Hello, My name is Theresa. I have a twin named Viviana. I live in a family of 7. I have 9 chickens and 1 bunny. The things I like playing games like Pokemon. Other things I like is playing with my friends. My favourite  food is chicken wings and corn soup. I like the color yellow. In Pokemon I like fire types they are so cool that they fire me up to battle.

Well bye for now. ūüôā